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Lunch with Ex-Husband went well. He was sweet, though he did his usual 'stuff' with me once or twice, and I probably did the same with him. We had a good conversation, and a hug and a quick kiss on the lips afterwards. It was nice. I am very happy we're friends again. But 10 years of a mostly very happy marriage still was reduced to a quick peck on the lips, that felt strange and sad, and somewhat awkward.

He's coming round tonight for 1/2 hour, he says to pick up a picture I have that he wants back, which I'm a bit sad to part with, but that's ok.

I think E was a little weirded out that I went to lunch with ex-H. He didn't say as much, but he was a little quiet when he came over to visit my desk, as he usually does at this time of day. No secrets. I will be honest when asked questions. E is very perceptive, unlike ex-H, who was pretty easy to deceive throughout the whole thing with A, I have to say. He's not the most observant. E is totally observant. Not that I really have anything to hide, except my somewhat uneasy conscience.

I think the only person I am really fooling is myself.

I am somewhat worried by the impending Saturn transit to my 5th house natal Uranus-Moon conjunction (with natal Mars in opposition), in a few months. In non-astro-jargon, the shit could well hit the fan, at high speed. Not for the first time in my life, I feel like the Cyclops, cursed with the fore-vision of his own death.
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