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Had a lovely evening with ex-Husband, he brought a bottle of wine, which I drank most of, he only had a half a glass. I am a touch hung-over today.

He asked me if I had been dating anybody, and I said yes. And he said thanks for my honesty, and we moved on. He didn't want to know details, so I didn't share any. But that was that, out in the open. He hasn't, and doesn't want to.  I am glad. That sounds so hypocritical.

So, we agreed that a few dates once in a while would be nice. We didn't talk about sex, just reestablishing our friendship again. He said he wanted me to call the shots, as to when and where and how often that happened. I said not for a little while, but soon.

I need some time to chew this one over!!  Holy shit.  Talk about getting what you want.  I feel so blessed, in this moment. It's everything I could have asked for.
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