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I have my cake and I could eat it too!

Really, when I stop and consider what's actually going on here, it could be everything I want it to be!  Think about it.. A renewed relationship with Husband, who I have been missing sorely, if I'm honest.
Master has told both of us in his email that it can't be anything with any contracts, it has to be free. So, that includes my being free to see other people, surely.

And I stated from the start with E, that I wanted that, and I haven't agreed to anything different, that was part of our deal, our rules, and there has been no change in that.  The only issue being, that we have fallen into a predictable pattern of one night a week, and weekend nights. I am scared he's come to expect that to be the case, but how the hell do I know? We haven't talked about it. 

Then there's S's visit in January.

Then there's hot landlord-guy, don't get me started down that path.. ;-)  

Hell, if I handle this right, when I think about it, I could have 3 lovers here, and be free to just live my own life around them, on my own terms! Why the hell not! Isn't that the truth of it anyway?  I shouldn't think in terms of limits and monogamy, that's so old-school.  That's my limit, right there, in assuming that fixed traditional position about being in 'a relationship'. 

I have what I always wanted, and it's only me that's complicating it!! Wow..
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