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Damn You Autocorrect

For anybody who does a lot of texting, mainly iPhone, but others too, this site is hilarious, and induced a fit of hysteria in me last night as I was reading some of them.. OMG, my face hurts from laughing..

Mine has a tendency to replace 'for' with 'fur' sometimes, and to put the word 'fun' in quotes like that, which can be pretty weird.  

Damn You Autocorrect. 

E baked cookies last night, and asked me to think about moving in with him when my lease is up in the summer.

That rocked my world, let me tell you. I can't think of much that is more tempting than that right now, but I need to keep my independence. Plus, he lives in a different city, half an hour north, and I like living where I am, it's the middle of urban life, everything within walking distance, and he lives in a much more car-necessary neighbourhood, I would feel isolated living up there with him.  So no, at least not as it stands at the moment. BUt by the summer, who knows.. 
I was VERY happy he asked me though!! 
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