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Well yes, I fucked S.  No surprises there, really.  What to say about that? I didn't really feel much emotionally, it was interesting. I was really quite detached. It was just 2 friends, bumping genitals for pleasure. Nice, and sweet, and now he's gone, and I still adore E. E didn't seem to bat an eyelid that I had another guy staying with me for the week. He feels secure, I think. I do adore him.
S did manage to give me a good hard pounding, something E isn't really capable of, it's much slower and gentle, and not really very athletic. S is an athlete... It was fun!  Very different quality, like eating ice cream or eating Thai food, you can't possibly compare them. 

I think that's what is different, it didn't in ANY way diminish my feelings for E.  I think in the past, it has. My emotions have gone on the fritz, and my nesting instinct has kicked in. Well, I'm eating Thai food, so that must mean I don't like ice cream any more. Nonsense.  OK, that's a bit simplistic I guess, there are other considerations, but I hope you get the point.
This was new, just to be free and 'in the moment' to enjoy another friend's body for a few days, no strings, let him get on the plane home again, and not give it a 2nd thought, besides 'Ah, that was nice.'

Spent this last weekend fucking E sideways, he had no complaints..

We celebrate 5 months of dating today. 5 months. Crazy.  It's been a good 5 months, who saw that coming? I sure as hell never did.  He is very special, and a great gift in my life. I plan on treasuring this one, and giving him no reason to doubt my feelings. :)

Here is a very good post on monogamy by a person I have utmost respect and love for, my beloved friend Sartorius, as he has been doing non-monogamy successfully for a long while now, and making it work, no casualties. He's a bit more eloquent on the subject than I am, too.
I am good at it from one end, not from the other, it would seem. My friend S is about the only person I have never suffered any jealousy over! Usually I am just a big fat hypocrite when it comes to this stuff...   

The Word Of Sin Is Restriction   

Part 3 of my Scientology course tonight, I'm looking forward to it! And feeling relieved that I don't have to go see Master this week, and won't see Ex, etc.  I have still been checking my gmail account, incase I get an email from any of them, but nothing has come. I did invite whoever wanted to, to stay in touch, but none have. I think that speaks for itself, although I am somewhat sad about that, but not really surprised.  
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