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Another person left Master over the weekend. She was angry at the way she was treated by a few of the other women. No kidding. This is a good thing. Perhaps he will see what is going on, and give a shit.  People's lives are getting fucked with. This woman also had to move from her home, and lost her relationship and her cat. She was told she couldn't keep her cat, as she had attachment to it! She went through hell over that... What is the point of making somebody give up an attachment like that? She will feel that one for the rest of her life, because of how it was handled. Cats die, shit happens, you get over it, but to 'strongly suggest' (It's always your choice, but if you don't choose this, then...) she give that cat up, is wrong, in my book.  She finally had enough, I guess.
Good for her. I have to say it. It is not Master's fault, it's the people around him. I will always say that, because he is an amazing Being. Truly. But the people around him are less than Enlightened, no matter what they think.

I feel somewhat vindicated. Which really, is maybe not a good thing.  Thanks to my girlfriend S, who called with an update last night.

I was thinking about writing Ex's parents and telling them I am concerned about him being in a cult, and that that was the reason for our divorce, that would fuck with him. If I wasn't a bigger person, I would totally do that.

I am having some Scientology auditing on Tuesday, as an experiment. I need to get over this hurt and pain, and apparently it's good for that. I will do anything to let go of this pain I'm in, and the anger, and I'm not doing too well with that by myself.  I need help.  I will write something up about it.

Ha, the irony, getting over leaving what is essentially a cult, with the help of Scientology..  ;-)
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