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Crowley Dream

This gets interesting, this is why I started my dream diary! I love this kind of shit.

My ex, (Not Ex husband ex, previous ex, that got me into Crowley and Magick and all kinds of good things) and I were in a stone room in an old building near an old Abbey, it had a half-oval window that was some kind of magickal portal, above an altar, and another large altar to the left, with a big tv screen with a show on demons playing on it. The demon that was brought to my attention was a bald dude with tattoos, that we had done some kind of Goetic invocation of.
I had to switch the tv off when we left the room, so that the power of the demon couldn't continue to transmit from the tv after we had done what we were doing..

The oval window had a wooden frame that came from the Abbey originally, and had been used by Crowley, and we had a large dusty old book, full of photos of Crowley doing things like ceremonies, etc.
At one point, Magickal Ex had the book open and was showing me sigils, almost rune-like, various forms of cross-shapes and x's, and I was copying them onto paper. (Very Austin Osman Spare!)

At another point, we were floating down a river in a boat carrying a ton of old artifacts, and that window frame was one of them too.
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