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4th Scientology audit

Brief edited version of my 4th Auditing session.

I was riding a bicycle to work, and reached the crosswalk, going pretty fast, feeling impatient, anxious, like I have to keep up..
Knee hurts
Auditor asks for previous occurrence.
Riding after Ex on my bike about 8 years ago, woman on right w small brown dog at the crosswalk on my right, Ex is racing ahead of me, I can't keep up, I'm scared and anxious... Feeling left behind. 
Auditor asks for prior incident.
8 years old out with my Dad and he turns right at the bottom of a downhill T junction, and I can't turn, 2 women in street on the right, and a car coming on left, I am going too fast, so I go into grass bank rather than crash into women or car, and hurt hands, and bang pubic bone pretty hard on handlebars, feeling too ashamed to tell Dad I hurt 'down there'. Had to cycle back about 4 miles in pain. 
Always trying to keep up w dad and Ex. Angry about it. Same w Master's house move, when I bust my ankle, Ex racing ahead, our lives moving on, me feeling left behind, I can't keep up!! Arghh..

No MORE shall I try to keep up with these fuckers. Not Dad, not Ex, not Master, not E, none of them.  All at my own pace from now on, thank you very much..  
I like that E moves at a slower pace. I don't feel left behind. 
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