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Dismemberment and Prison Walls

Dreamt I was taking pregnant manager to jail to start her sentence. We were sitting in the dining hall, at a table near a window. I looked out, and there were a bunch of guys building a perimeter wall from egg boxes. I was saying to her how they should know better, because egg boxes weren't that long lasting or secure! It also looked pretty easy to climb out of. Didn't they know better?  I was watching them build the wall, and seeing parts of it collapse under the weight of itself..
(Egg, ego?)

Interesting. Manager is pregnant, I see that as a prison sentence?  Anyway, it's a good sign.

I was watching Joseph Campbell's Sukhavati (available on Netflix streaming), yesterday afternoon, having a big "Holy shit!!" moment.

He talks about dismemberment.  My breaking my leg last summer, dismemberment.  The divorce, dismemberment.  The hero always undergoes dismemberment.  Dionysis, Osiris, Jesus, etc, all underwent dismemberment. I know that, but hearing Campbell say it, has sparked a personal epiphany.  Of course, I HAD to go through what I went through, losing Ex, breaking my leg. It's part of the pattern of the Hero's journey.

"In order to lose your commitment to this moment in time, you must be dismembered in order to be opened to the Transcendent."  "Anything that is going to be created, has to undergo the shattering of what was there before it."
Campbell speaking directly to the One that Is, that transcends the limited 'me' sense I have of myself most of the time.
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