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Magic Underwear

Just found out one of my coworkers is a Mormon. I don't know why that bothers me, I am usually all for religious tolerance and diversity, I have many different friends, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Christians, Jews, Jedi Knights, Scientologists, Occultists, Atheists, Agnostics, Gnostics, you name it, but... I think it's the magic underwear.  The person that told me, said "check him out in the pants department, there's a lot of bulk down there"..  Um, no thanks. 

I think I have to go Google "Mormon underwear" now, just to get an education.  ;-)  All in the name of religious tolerance..

Well, check this out,  Seriously!   Who knew there was a whole website?

"By so doing, [wearing it] the garment helps the wearer to focus his or her life on Jesus Christ and to thereby lay claim on the blessings promised to those who do so."

So, let me get this straight.. God said you have to wear special underwear to receive a blessing? Um... That is not some God I would let anywhere near small children..   I am not sure that website helped their cause much..    ;-)

Ah, I am picking on Mormons a little, I know, but seriously, set yourself apart with 'special underwear', and you're setting yourself up for that, aren't you? 
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