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Missing him

Fuck, I just miss Ex. I just want him to call me or text me, and say "Hey baby, how are you? I miss you, too."  Is that so much to ask for?

I don't think I can bear that I might never speak to him again. It's too heartbreaking and weird.

And I feel like I can't be the one to start the contact again. I just can't do that. I wish he would just be overcome by his need to speak to me, to get past my asking him not to contact me. That's what I want. Just love me enough to ignore the fact that I asked you not to contact me.
I sent him a happy new year email, to which he never replied. That was my way of breaking the ice, but..    

It's not going to happen, is it?

I had a nice night out with 3 friends last night, Sister, my girlfriend S, and my friend J. Sister and S met for the first time, they seemed to get on, it was nice. Though S was in her pushy frame of mind, asking Sister difficult personal questions... Hmm..  She likes to really get in there, down and dirty, and I don't think Sister always appreciates that!!
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