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S's new man

Had dinner with S last night, she is so hilarious, we spent the entire evening laughing. She met a dude on, and he's coming to visit her from out of town, the weekend after next. She wants me to text her on Saturday morning, to make sure she's still alive, and he's not a serial killer. I have his phone number and details.  He has Mars in Leo, we're hoping he's hung. I said it was likely.  She's going to text me to let me know. 

I am happy. She looked really happy, and that is great. She's had a tough life recently. We've both been through the ringer, and it was nice to talk about fun things, not the trauma of what our lives looked like in the wake of upheavals and desperation. We've had so many unhappy conversations.  She's been a great friend through all my bullshit, and I hope I have been to her, too.

I told her that E walks into the other room to fart, and how awesome that was. She said she would be sure to tell Ex that, next time she saw him. "Hey, I saw Shaktiforce, she's hooked up with a guy with a large dick, that doesn't fart in her general direction, she's really happy now". I love my S.  She probably will, too!!  ;-)

I love that she doesn't tell me what is going on in his life, even though she probably sees him twice a week at least, at Master's house. We hardly mentioned him, it was great.

I did an astrology reading for her dog.  I have never done that before. I think if her dog was a person, he'd be Richard Branson.
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