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It was a  bit of a weird day yesterday with my animal totems.. Somebody offered me a rescue-owl to take care of, and I ate some wild boar for dinner last night!  WTF?  Not your typical day.   I am also usually a vegetarian, mostly.
I declined the owl. Much as I would love one. I am not at home enough to be a responsible owl-parent.
That, and I would need to do so much paperwork to get the wildlife license! A pussy cat would be easier. And where would I get a pea green boat from, anyway?

The wild boar was very good. Not as much flavour as I was expecting. It was more like venison, but with less flavour.

Dreamed I lived back with Ex in his (our) house, and I had plans to go out and get laid, so went and bought some condoms. I came home with them in a clear plastic bag, and he was standing at the top of the stairs in the ktichen when I got home, and he saw them. We weren't speaking. I said an awkward 'Hey', not quite looking him in the eye, and walked past him up the stairs to my old room. 
I also dreamed my kittygirl was sitting in the bathtub drinking water from the tap. It was pouring all over her face and head, and she had a big happy smile on her face. Fuck I miss her.  Unbearably so.
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