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Firstly........... see THIS amazing post at Bill In Exile and then come back here.............

Now - my thoughts ..............................

I am so fucking sick of the word ENOUGH............ because it usually follows a word that makes it a completely denigrating phrase........... Here are some of my favourite ENOUGH phrases....
  • Thin ENOUGH
  • Fit ENOUGH
  • Manly ENOUGH
  • Butch ENOUGH
  • Masculine ENOUGH
  • Tall ENOUGH
  • Hung ENOUGH
  • Rich ENOUGH
  • Buffed ENOUGH
  • Straight Acting ENOUGH
  • Good Looking ENOUGH
I find it completely COMMONPLACE that Gays are SO fond of putting down other Gays.

Two personal examples...........

Example Number 1...

I was talking to a guy on Grindr. Nothing sexual. Great conversation. Anyway - I asked if he would be interested in meeting up. He seemed to be under the impression that I wanted to "Meat Up". I was talking coffee / meal. He was talking a fuck. Now - I would not necessarily have said no - he was a great looking guy - but before I could even tell him that I meant a social meeting he started with why he didn't want to fuck me.

Firstly - I was too overweight for him. Not Thin ENOUGH.
Secondly - He preferred "better looking guys".
Thirdly - At 39 I was not quite "young enough" for him - and he was 32.

Example Number 2...

Talked to a guy on line - he said hello to me - 27 - brunette and HOT. Now.............. this is going to get a little self indulgent but please bear with me - we met - we fucked - and it was one of the hottest play sessions I have ever had. And you know what he said after ............... "I love fucking with guys who aren't clones - they just relax and enjoy themselves and it's always the hottest sex. The usual guys you have to pass the looks test - body test - clothes test - sex taste test - top bottom test - femme test".

I actually laughed and asked if he was calling me ugly or what? And he said no. He said I was "real" - and that most Gays weren't REAL ENOUGH. And apparently I was real enough. And he said Real is something that so many gays sacrifice - and he said it was a sacrifice that made us all dull and predictable and bitches.

Now - I haven't always been fat - and I'm including a pic of how I looked back at thirty. And let me tell you - EVEN when I looked THAT good there were still too many ENOUGHS thrown at me to send me into a spin.

Hell - even since starting this blog I've been thrown the following ENOUGHS....
  • Not Interesting ENOUGH
  • Not a Hot ENOUGH Blogger
  • Not Jewish ENOUGH
  • Not Kosher ENOUGH
  • Not Gay ENOUGH
  • Not "porn" ENOUGH
  • Not Australian ENOUGH
  • Don't update ENOUGH
  • Not "light" ENOUGH
  • Not non-depressed ENOUGH
Seriously - the ONE time I made a reference about bloggers not being informed enough in some areas - i got HATE mail - abusive comments - And one blogger who I admire and even had a crush on - took me off his blog list and blocked me.

Needless to say - after reading Scott's latest post I am in COMPLETE agreement with him.

So to all the "ENOUGHS" out there I say this......................


I don't care if my readership goes down to 5 people a day.

This blog is FOR ME.

My health regime is FOR ME.

My Jewishness is FOR ME.

My sexual enjoyment is FOR ME.

*I* choose to share it with you - but if it isn't ENOUGH for you - piss off and don't let the door hit you on your arse on the way out.

Seriously - who needs those in society hell bent on destroying me and mine - when mine are already SO divisive.

You "ENOUGHS" are quite seriously some of the saddest, loneliest, most self-hating people in the world if the only way to make yourself feel better is making me feel bad.

Grow up.

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