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Both of us worked on this post, just so you know.

Tomorrow (Monday, April 11) will be the ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY of our blog! The date stamped on the first post is actually incorrect. It was a post we had written weeks before and just saved as a "draft." When we opened for business on April 4th, we just opened the draft and hit "Publish Post." Little did we know it would also show the date we had originally "saved" it, instead of the actual date we published it.

Oops, hold on. I (Matt) just wrote the first paragraph above while Brad was getting some juice. I read him what I had just written and he wants it known that he had reminded me to cut & paste the draft onto a new post so it would have the current date. {ouch!} He just punched my arm! Okay, okay! I can't claim domestic abuse since he's all smiley and cute and cuddly and I'm about to close my laptop cause no matter what he does when he's got "that look," I get all hot and bothered and have to "readjust" Little Matty. Be right back.................

Okay, where were we? Oh, yeah. Our One Week Anniversary tomorrow. We hope you check out what we're posting cause we've gone back over all the comments everyone has made and we want to share with you some things that have hapened in our relationship this one week. A few things have happened that we didn't expect. They caught us off guard. Your comments made us think and talk to each other more than usual.

"[Side Note Written by Brad:] Just for the record, when I "punched" Matt's arm, it was really more of a "love shove", not a "punch" as he claimed. Matt was just wanting some sympathy for forgetting my advice about that first post . He can be such an imp sometimes, but I just play along, because we often end up with some unexpected "play time." Time well spent! {wink}"

Anyway, we want to remember the original reasons we decided to do this blog. One of those things is to share with our readers and especially other teens how we are going about making our relationship work. We don't think there's any way to do that without talking about not only the good times we're having, but also sharing some of our struggles and how we get through them. Every bed of roses has it's thorns, right?

So far in the blog we've put our best foot (feet?) forward. But we're also proud of how we've handled the harder stuff. So, we've made a decision to share a little more of ourselves -- parts of our personalities that have caused some problems. We all have baggage, right? None of us is perfect. Sometimes we say things we regret. Somtimes a mood we're in is hard to control and sours things.

So, we hope you're here tomorrow. It would mean a lot to us.

Love and Hugs,

Matt and Brad

[P.S. by Brad: Why does Matt always sign his name first? {ouch!} Matt just gave me a "love shove." Gotta run!]
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