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Elevator Dream

This is a good one, that doesn't take much to interpret!
I was in a building, deep in the earth, and got into an elevator, which plummeted down to the 26th floor underground. (I wonder what the 26 is?).  It came back up slowly, I could hear the equipment groaning and straining, and it was taking forever, but it was moving. My astrology mentor was there with me at one point, too. The lift shaft was like a spiral staircase, rather than straight up, and I could see the walls. As I was getting close to the surface, there where red and green Christmas lights strung, it was pretty.

One of my friends was there on the phone with me, and he was wasting away, he weighed about 2 or 3lbs, and that was all that was left of him. I am a bit concerned about him now, I should get in touch.

Yesterday was the xxth anniversary of when Ex and I first spent the night together. E got a new bed yesterday, I took that as a good sign. I don't believe in coincidences.

I feel lighter this morning, like I let go of something.  I am finally coming up for air at last, after a long haul.
I had a cry on the bus this morning coming into work, realizing finally, that Ex and I are history. I gave him 2 chances to get in touch, and he hasn't bothered, and I can't make that 3rd gesture, so, I'm letting him go, accepting that he's moved on, and isn't a part of my life at all any more. I guess grief always goes through the denial stage. Mine has been pretty extended. 
I still just find it weird that he sent my mom a book, but couldn't be bothered to return my email.

Breathing long and deep, as I feel that fresh air up at the surface across my face. I still have a way to go, but the end is in sight.  I have hope.

E and I took a nice walk through the Japanese garden here in town this weekend, it's a stunning walk, high on a hillside, overlooking the mountains. I don't know why we haven't made it there before now, it's one of my favourite places to take photos. I would post a link to my Snapfish, but that would give my identity away. 
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