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ONE WEEK Blog Anniversary!

We are both totally amazed to finally reach our ONE WEEK Blog Anniversary. Allow us to toot our horn for a few lines.

First of all, this has been harder to do than either of us imagined. How all you veteran bloggers do it is a mystery to us. Maybe it will get easier, but so far it has been a hell of a lot of work!

Has it been worth it? To us, there's no doubt it has. We spent this weekend looking back over everything we've written. To our eyes, one week out, the end result looks like it was a piece of cake. You have to take our word, though, when we say that all the planning, the writing, the editing, the re-writing, the thinking, the fears, everything has not  been a piece of cake. It's been a lot of hard work. But we look back on what we've done now and we're pretty pleased. No, strike that. We said we were going to toot our horn, so, here's the toot: We're very proud of what we've done.

Okay, enough boasting (except for the excessive image boasting we're gonna keep doing! LOL) First we want to say a few things to all of you, our readers. We went back this weekend and reread every comment people left. To be totally honest, it was a bit overwhelming. Both of us had to reread a number of them and we got teary-eyed a number of times. Neither of us has even gotten this kind of support, love and encouragement. It's almost as if this whole "family" has sprung up around us. Whereas we originally thought people would see us as, I don't know, these two bratty teenage kids who were trying to sound more mature than we really are, we've actually been able to take in what you've said. Not all at once, but bit by bit.

At one point, Brad said, "Who are these people and who are they talking about?"  And Matt said, "Do we really deserve all this?" It really was almost too much to take in all at once. We're just not use to hearing this kind (and amount) of support. But we hope you believe us when we say that we feel incredibly happy and lucky to have found each of you. Thank you very much for believing in us and giving us your support.

We've done a lot of thinking and talking this weekend about where we go from here. We decided to see if we could take things to a deeper level (without dropping the fun we've promised to have also). So we're doing an experiment and thought we would have it done by now, but it's talking a little longer than we thought. We each decided to think about how all the talking we've done to make this blog happen -- all the ideas we've thrown around -- all the feelings we've had -- all the comments everybody has left -- has affected our relationship. Somehow we feel some things have changed. We both feel more freedom to be honest with each other. I mean, all this talking and writing and working together has made us open up to each other more than we ever have.

So, we both have started making a list (not too long, but completely truthful) about the positive things we value most about each other, and another list of things that bug us about each other. So, the positive and the negative. We're not finished yet and we want to talk this thing through with each other before we write about it. We've done a pretty good job so far since we've been together (almost a year now!!) in talking about whatever comes up for us, but there are a few things we've discovered about ourselves and each other that seem to have come out of doing this blog. That's what we want to start off with. We have agreed to be honest and tell the truth as much as we can. This is not going to be "airing our clean and dirty laundry" just for the sake of something to write about. Two of the things we originally said this blog was going to be about is:
(1) Maybe you're a gay teen who's never been in a relationship but wants one and you're wanting to get a glimpse into how we're doing it; (2) Maybe you're in a relationship and we can all learn some things from each other.
We also said:

(3) Maybe you just want to go on this journey with us by offering your insights, sharing in our discoveries, celebrating our love and offering your support.
Well, here's where we make these words real. This is what we're working on and (surprise, surprise) it looks like it's going to take a little more time than we thought. We want to not only share our lists with you, but also share how we're working through the hard stuff. We hope to have some of this up by next week.

In  the meantime, here's what we're doing this week (starting tomorrow). Both of us have written something about the one question that has come up over and over about our relationship by our friends. It's an  important question but one that is a little disturbing and hard to answer. Tomorrow, Brad will write about this question and the next day Matt will write his. You guys have commented on our cliffhangers, and I'm afraid this will be another one. Sorry. Guess it keeps you coming back, right?

Later in the week, Matt will finally get his chance to talk about (and show you) his obsession with Speedo boys and Brad will have a few things to say about the guys who get him hot and bothered. 

Again, thank you all for being here. You're really becoming like a huge family for us and we both value all of you!

Love and Hugs,

Brad and Matt
(See, Brad gets his name first sometimes!!)
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