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Meeting Matt, part 2

It was a Saturday afternoon and wouldn't you know the weather wasn't looking all that great. Tyler had this great swimming pool and even though it was May and still not warm enough to swim, we were probably going to be inside the whole time. I could see the rain clouds approaching.

There ended up being about 15 or 20 people there and Tyler was glad me and Christine had come. He showed us around and introduced us to everybody and, of course, I was on the lookout for Tyler's "identical brother"!

Everyone we met was nice, and I got a few looks, I guess because of the eyeliner and polish. The looks I got I knew so well, the kind that says, "There's something about you that's just a little too pretty or gay or something..." Nobody ever said it, but that's how I read the looks. I just smiled and went on my way around the room.

Then Tyler introduced me to his friend, Matt. All he said was, "How's it going?" and that face of his goes into some kind of, "Well, what do we have here?" Everybody else I met just went through the usual motions of being friendly for a minute and then moved on. Matt didn't move on. Well, he wasn't Tyler's "identical twin" physically. He was even hotter than Tyler! He had dirty blond hair, brown eyes (or were they black?), nice tan skin with a little olive hue, a little taller than me, a face that was some kind of blend of cute, masculine, handsome, open and very sexy! When he turned around I caught a glimpse (I hope I wasn't staring) of his very nice bubble butt. Tyler's I'd give an 8 rating: Matt's was a definite 10!

I actually caught his eyes going over me, from the hair on down. Not in a stalky, creepy way, but, you know the look that says, "I like what I see." It all happened in probably 3 seconds, and actually felt kinda nice, ya know? He didn't move on like the others did.

He asked if I wanted to get a Coke and go out on the deck. In my most nonchalant way, I just said, "Sure." He went to get the Cokes and I headed to the deck. So, when he returns with the Cokes I don't even remember what we talked about, but I'm completely involved in very subtly looking him up and down, wondering if he notices, and not really caring if he does, and also a little bit hoping he does.

Oh. My. God. I don't even know 100% if the guy is gay. I mean, at my age I haven't had a lot of time to fine-tune my "gay-dar", but at this point I think my gay-dar is on full-charge. I'm starting to hear more than a few "bleeps" on the gay-dar screen.

So, we're chatting each other up and right out of the blue, in the middle of the conversation, Matt springs this on me: "So can I ask you if you're seeing anybody?" It was almost startling how fast he asked that. It sorta took me off guard for a sec, but he was grinning this very adorable shy smile and, of course, I just melted. All I said was, "No. Are you?" Know what he said next? "I might be if you'll go out with me." Man! Just like that! Well, being the klutz I am sometimes, I actually said something totally dumb like, "Well, let me think about it for one minute." (Can you believe I actually said that?!! I mean, I'm rarely at a loss for words, but there it was!)

He just kept looking at me, and I think he was a little nervous or something, maybe shy. I didn't want to sound too eager, but I was thinking (at warp speed), "Dude, I want to leap into your arms right now and go trotting off to one of those mountain resorts to sit in those heart-shaped bathtubs with you!" What I actually said (thank God) was, "Okay." He's just smiling now, all cool and collected. So I returned his smile and said, "Sure. Okay. Fine. I'd like to."

And, wonder of wonders, wouldn't you know the thunder clouds were not to be outdone. This huge, loud bolt of lightning struck, scared the holy terror out of me, I jumped like I'd just been shot, and landed right in Matt's arm's, holding on for dear life! It was so awkward and embarassing, but he just held me tight and then said, "Let's get inside before anything else happens." Now, I ask you, what did that mean? Before what else happens? Before we started making passionate love right there on the deck? Before we got killed by lightning and never got to go out on a date? Man, it was intense! We went back inside and never left each other's presence the rest of the night.

We exchanged phone numbers and finalized plans to go to dinner and a movie the next weekend. Matt walked me out to the car with Christine, actually opened my door for me (!), said goodnight, and waved goodbye. I was in total swoon mode on the way home. Christine said she had never seen me like a little school girl before. She gave a definite 2 thumbs up for Matt. Well, I had definitely met Matt!

So..... as a plug for my honey, check in tomorrow for his version of our first meeting!

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