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Speedos & How I Almost Became a Nudist

Most people who know me are aware that I LOVE Speedos, you know, those itsy-bitsy swim suits. Or rather I should say, I LOVE  the guys who wear them! Well, that's not what I meant to say. I mean I LOVE how the guys look who wear Speedos. Brad is the only guy I love!!

I can't wait for Summer to get here. I practically grew up in Speedos. My parents said I took to water like a fish right after I was born. They said when I turned two years old and they would take me swimming I would have these huge temper tantrums when I took my clothes off and they tried to put on my swim suit. They said I would yell something like, "But I'm a fish! I'm a fish!" And you can bet no amount of reasoning or threats would make me willingly agree to wear anything.

They finally bought me one of those Speedos for little kids (probably had maybe 5 square inches of material). When they showed it to me, they said I lit up and just said, "Okay." They think I liked 'em because they were brightly colored. In my fantasy I like to think that maybe I saw this really hot guy at the pool wearing Speedos and wanted to be just like him! Well, I've been wearing 'em ever since.

So, all through elementary school, middle school and high school, when I would go swimming, that's all you would ever find me in. I got into competative swimming during middle school and high school, and, of course, Speedos were what you wore.

I'm thinking that if my parents hadn't bought me those brightly colored Speedos when I was two years old, maybe I'd still think I was a fish and would have become a total nudist!

I'm still trying to get Brad to buy one, but so far I haven't been able to convince him. I think he would look sexy, but I'm not gonna push it, of course. After all, it really doesn't matter 'cause he looks sexy in whatever he wears (or, uh, doesn't wear!).
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