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I have been so thrown off track by this STD comment from Bitch's ex..  (Assuming it's true, he also has his reasons to say it, I don't 100% trust that information).
Seriously gross. I mean, I know they happen, I'm not being judgmental about her, I have been lucky not to get any myself, but it has just grossed me out. It's tarnished Ex somehow, in my memory.
No matter what happens now, I would never feel happy or safe, or emotionally intimate, fucking him again. I think that's what I'm mad about, it has taken away that last possibility, that last shred of hope I may have had of any reconciliation or sexual relationship with him. He is damaged goods now. It would just feel 'icky'.  It would have anyway, but.. more so now. 

Here is a good page on STDs if you're interested in reading it. I recommend it. The scary thing is, a few of these are undetectable, and don't often have immediate symptoms. 

Ex and I both had extensive tests when we got together, as required by the community we were part of at the time, and I have only had 3 sexual partners since him. Maybe I should go get tested too. You never know.
E, I am pretty damn confident is clean enough, he's been single for 10 years, and has had relatively few sexual partners, none in the last 10 years except me. (Except for a handjob he got from a stripper while drunk one night, he overtipped, apparently, and she gave him a handjob, but he said he was too drunk to really make the most of it.) 
A and I were safe. We used condoms. He's a health-freak.
S and I, well, he's the risk. He's a dirty slut, (which I love about him), and I know he hates condoms.He has been in a committed relationship this last 8 years, so I doubt he's been too naughty, but... I wouldn't put it past him. Not for a moment. 

Sooo, I feel a bit hypocritical for feeling so grossed out about Bitch's dirty skank-pussy, but I can't help it. I am also quietly smirking, if I'm being deadly honest. I bet Ex hated that, he's a bit fastidious with his own cleanliness and health issues. Ha.  Hahahahahaha. Haha.. Haha. Ha.  

Oh fuck, I am sad about it really. I hate that he's put himself at risk. I still care, despite my better judgment.  I don't want that for him. He has enough 'issues' about sex as it is. (And Master once said I was sexually complicated!)
Part of me wonders how Bitch is dealing with that, too, his complications!  Hahaha.. Haha.. Hahahaha...

Ooh, I feel better now.  
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