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See this post, then read below, about the Humming Bird. I am feeling I am being guided by my dreams a little better, now I've stopped having the nightmares about Ex!

Interesting.. Jaguar, going it alone, stalking your prey with intention. Focus, not letting 'too many cooks spoil the broth'. Which is what I am now feeling I need to be doing, by keeping S out of the loop here.

(Jaguar? Should that be cougar? I'm not so sure 'stalker' is what I want to be either.. lol) 

Jaguar Dream.  

And what is more amazing, to me, the bigger picture, is that I have been so scared that when I walked away from Master, I had made a big mistake, spiritually, and I would be 'lost'. I felt completely abandoned by God. Not so. My own guidance is kicking in, nicely.  I am feeling empowered. I feel like I passed some test of faith, maybe.  It was a Dark Night. 

Losing My Religion, the post I wrote a few days back, seems all the more meaningful at the moment.  
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