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Crap, now I'm going to be watching my inbox, dreading...
S (gf S, not MSN chat S), just said that they've all gone out of town until Monday. (Probably on Ex's dollar, Bitch has no money! She has a shit job. Grrr.. I always paid my way, that pisses me off no end. Still, I doubt Ex is any more generous with her, or willing to pick up the tab, than he was with me! Haha.)

I didn't tell S that Ex had emailed me, because it would start off a long chain of 'stuff' with her, and I don't want that.  Her and I are going to chat over the weekend, so it might come out then.
I wish I hadn't hit send, and should probably post here the 3-pager I DIDN'T send, for a laugh. Man, I let it all out.  ;-)

S also said that B, one of the guys, was on the outs (again), and had been taken off their email list. Interesting, I was thinking about him this morning! I hate being so psychically connected. What's mine, my imagination, and what's not?  

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