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Postcard from Maine

Okay, just so we're clear here... This is Brad starting off this postcard from Maine. Matt had promised we wouldn't be checking our Blog and definitely not posting anything until we got back. He wanted us to just concentrate on our little vacation and take a break from the "real world." But, well, Matt being Matt, he's getting a little antsy about people deserting us while we're away for this week. He begged me, "Let's just log on for 3 minutes and see if our 'Followers' have dwindled from almost 100 to less than 5." My response? "Matty, will you just relax and come back to where we are? Do you really believe people will just go elsewhere looking for two cute young guys to read about? (LOL)" Well, he gave me one of his "love punches" and said, "Just 3 minutes. That's all. Then I can relax again." When I said, "Okay" (I mean he's so irrestible when he begs with that little-boy look), he looked around for the laptop and couldn't find it. He looked over at me and I had this huge grin on my face. He just said, "Okay, cutie, now where'd you hide it?" After another "love punch" I gave in and told him where I had hid it. All I said was, "I'm timing you. Three minutes! If you go over that then I get to decide the punishment." He thought a second and grinned and said, "Okay."

So, without further ado, heeeeeeeer's Matt:

Okay, very funny, Brad!! Okay, so I'm checking and see we still have "Followers." I gotta make this quick, I've only got 2 minutes and 15 seconds left!

WE ARE HAVING A BLAST! The weather is not the best. Cloudy, occasional rain, temperature in the 40s (F), but this Bed and Breakfast where my aunt and uncle sent us is fabulous! There are four bedrooms and we have a view of the ocean from our window. Each evening the owners have two pieces of chocolate on our pillows! How cool is that! 

We've been kayaking, bicycling, shopping (Brad got some really cute outfits, including some of those tight jeans that show off his ass really well {panting}, and I've been buying my family all kinds of gifts like locally-made pottery, etc.). The Bed and Breakfast has this HUGE fireplace in the Common Room and since the temp is in the 40s, they've had a very romantic fire going at night.

And guess what? The people here are so, so nice. The other three couples are middle-age (I'm not gonna say a number 'cause I might get in trouble with some of you!) and straight and NONE, I repeat NONE of them have any problem with us being a gay couple!!!! I feel like we're in heaven. I mean, they think we are totally adorable with all our "young love," holding hands, cuddling, "sweetie" this, "sweetie" that! But I think it's Brad they think who's totally adorable!" (I had to say that 'cause he just told me I'm over my three minutes!) We were sitting in front of the fireplace last night and the wife of one of the couples actually said to her hubby, "Watch them, Harold, and learn a thing or two about romance." She said it in that really lovely way, like she was acknowledging our love and actually enjoying it! Totally, totally cool!

Well, I'm gonna run now. Before I go, everybody raise their right hand and swear to whatever you hold sacred that you will not desert us! I promise we have a lot of interesting stuff to share with you. You may even be surprised with some of it.

Well, Brad's been making this game-show "Buzzzzzzzzzz" for the past minute so I'm gonna sign off. Between you and me, I deliberately ran over the three minutes just to see what kind of surprise or rather "punishment" he has in store for me! Hmmmmmmmmmm. See ya all when we get back! Love you all!
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