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Sex Anyone?

Well, we've safely arrived back home from our vacation in Maine! There were a few things about the vacation we want to write about, so we hope to have that up shortly.

We also want to get back to something we wrote about a while back. You know, in so many ways our relationship and love is growing, but it's not all been "smooth sailing," which I suppose is typical of any relationship. I mean, you grow through all the good times you share AND also the "hard stuff" can also make you stronger if you know how to work through it.

We've had some minor arguments and a few major ones over the past year. Thankfully we've been able to clear things up and work some stuff out. We think it's made us stronger in many ways. Some of it has been easy to work out and other things have been very hard and scary. I mean, there's a lot at stake, right?

So, we're talking about how we're going to write about it. One of our readers sent us a message about whether we ever argue (short answer: yes!), and if so, how is "making up." We guess it's pretty normal after spending a lot of time talking about an argument, expressing our feelings, including anger, disappointment, feeling hurt, etc., that once you get things worked out and clear the air, you have all these pent-up feelings going on afterwards that need a release. And, yes, we're talking here about some pretty intense lovemaking.

We've talked about how much detail to include in the "making up" part. We don't want to turn things into a major porn site {sly grin}, so we're not sure how everybody feels about hearing about that stuff. Like, how much is Too Much Information? We never wanted our blog to be so serious that we never had any fun, and, well, maybe writing about the "making up" might fit in the "having fun" category.

So, we were wondering how all of you feel about hearing about that? How much is Too Much Information? We're going to ultimately decide that for ourselves, of course, but we thought we'd ask for your feedback. So, give it some thought and maybe use the comment section for this post to leave us your thoughts. If we make it too racy, would you be inclined to think less of us? Would you prefer we keep things kinda like they've been going, or would it be fun to hear more of the "down and dirty" details? Let us know.
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