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Sleepless Night

Had another long chat with D last night on the phone, Master's old friend. It was great.. He's coming to town in a few days, wants to stay at my place for a night or 2. I can't wait, I haven't seen him in 2 years now.

I dreamt all morning that Ex was sending me emails. I can't remember the content of them, but it was good. I also dreamt that him and bitch had split up! Ha. I fucking hope so.  I hope he is so disillusioned with that disease-ridden, selfish, emotionally crippled cunt.

I was up late last night, the result of an acai-guarana fuelled mania. I mistakenly drank a bottle of acai juice, and didn't notice it had guarana and yerba mate in it! God damn.. 'Healthy' energy drinks like that suck. Why do they have to put that guarana shit in things? They need to label it more clearly. I have been off caffeine for years now!
Still, at least I put together my Ikea bookcase, finally. That thing has been sitting there staring at me from it's box for months now. It took me 42 minutes, I timed myself.  But I am exhausted this morning. And I still have a huge pile of books in boxes.
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