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A Night to Remember: The Prom, part 2

Brad & Matt, or Matt & Brad
  So, continuing from yesterday's post, my friend Amanda and I made our way to the front of the banquet hall. I just decided to entrust myself to Amanda's and Matt's assurance that they had my best interest at heart.
I'm going to let Matt write most of the rest of this, because I tried remembering what happened but since I was so nervous, I'm sure I'll get some of it wrong. The other big reason I want Matt to write this is because, quite honestly, it feels embarrassing to put down things like this about myself. So here's Matt, and I'll return for the closing:

I was so proud to see Brad walking up front, knowing how hard it had been for him to decide whether to go to his Senior Prom, especially with another boy as his date. I've learned he knows how to work through his doubts and fears and end up with a decision where he can hold his head high, knowing he's done the right thing.

When he and Amanda got up front, the whole banquet hall got quiet. I don't think anybody knew what to expect, like they had from the other four people preceding him.

Amanda went over some of Brad's accomplishments over the past four years. She particularly noted his playing a role in helping get the Gay-Straight Alliance club started. She mentioned how important it had been to him that gay, bi and straight students have a place where they can talk to each other, especially in a safe environment.

She remembered that Brad and a few others had organized a lot of the social activities for the club and even had some off-campus parties where gay and straight students could socialize and dance and have the kind of "normal" fun everybody else just takes for granted as part of high school life.

"But," Amanda said and then paused. Amanda is good at these dramatic and "pregnant pauses." There was about a 5 second delay while she got this totally serious look on her face like she was going to announce some earth-shattering news. At this point Brad had been sorta looking down, but he looked up and turned his head and looked straight at Amanda. I was wondering if he was trying to telepathically shove a thought to her brain like, "Okay, what the hell are you doing now?!"

"But........................(5 second delay)......, we began to wonder if Brad was going to find 'true love' like so many others were finding. I mean, look at this boy, will you? How adorable, how cute, how handsome, how..... well, you get the picture." (everyone began Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwing! and Brad was totally blushing and shifting from foot to foot. I wanted to run up and wrap my arms around him!)

Amanda continued with something like, "I mean, as everybody here knows (she said in a dramatically humorous way), a major goal of high school life is finding the love of your life, right?" (more yeahhhhhhhhhhhhs!)

"So," Amanda said, "Brad, like all other guys on campus, looked around to see who was available. As many of you know, Brad has more 'girl' friends than any other guy here. You straight guys eat your hearts out! (here the guys made that primitive guttural sound you sometimes hear at football games) We even made it our mission to find him not only a good-looking guy, but also a guy who was not a dork, who could carry on an extended intelligent conversation, and whose vocabulary was more that just, "Yo, dude," "What's up, man?", "Hey bro, what's goin' down?", and, "Duh." Well, we were working against the odds because that eliminated 90% of all guys here! (hoots and hollers from the guys...... Brad smiled and looked out to the guys and just shrugged his shoulders like he was saying, "I know nothing about all this, okay?")

"Well," Amanda continued, "we conducted a secret poll among the girls on campus and asked them how many who had boyfriends would dump them if Brad was suddenly available. All I gotta say, you guys, is, 'be afraid; be very afraid!'" (Here all the girls stood up and began this extended yelling and applauding. We found out later Amanda had arranged this with them. The guys were probably thinking, "Huh???")

  "But, luckily, Brad found his love. He had to go off campus to discover him, and he's with us here tonight. I'm gonna ask Matt to come up now and for the two of them to get our dancing started. So, give 'em about a minute on the dance floor, and then let's get this party in motion!"

So, I came up, reached for Brad's hand and led him to the dance floor. We didn't know what song they had selected, but it was perfect. I'm posting a version here for you, our readers. After about a minute, other couples came out and surrounded us. I think we both thought we had died and gone to heaven! ...........

So, here's Brad again:

After some dancing, we went back to our table to rest. You wouldn't believe all the people who came over to pat me on my back and to meet Matt..... girls and guys! It was totally amazing. Needless to say, Matt was a big hit. Girl after girl came over to ask him to dance with them. And, I got the about as many girls asking me to dance. I was also happy that two other gay students asked me and Matt to dance with them. Unbelievable!

The principle came over and introduced himself to Matt along with some of the faculty. They all said how happy they were to meet Matt. And, believe me, Matty was beaming. I was so proud he was here.

So, was this a Night to Remember? I think the answer to that should be obvious.

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