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Drenched & Drowning in Sex!

Ok, so I've been feeling like the lyrics in that Robert Palmer song, Addicted to Love. Only I think it's more like, Addicted to Sex!

Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely no doubt whatever that "Love" comes before "Sex." There's no way in the world I would give up my love for Brad if we were never able to have sex again for some reason. No Way!

But, I think I've got sex on my mind 23 hours a day! I guess that's normal but I've never seen any surveys on this, so what do I know?

I had a hard time (pun intended) concentrating on my work yesterday. I literally bashed my thumb with a hammer while I was trying to put some cabinets up in this house we're refurbishing. And where was my mind? That's right, reliving some of the best sex Brad and I had last night.

Some of my work has become so routine I could probably do it in my sleep. This board goes here, this nail goes here, bam, bam, bam.

Only yesterday it was, this board goes here, this nail goes here, bam, bam, "God Dammit!" I dropped the hammer, grabbed my thumb, started swinging around like I was going all mental. Then a slew of obscenities starts flying all over the place like I was loosing my mind.

My boss took me to this medical clinic down the street to get it checked out. Thank God I didn't break the bone or the knuckle, but now I've got this huge bandage with a metal splint thing to keep my thumb straight (and that's about the only thing "straight" about me now!).

I can't type much more because of this and also because I'm on these super strong pain killers and I don't trust myself to write something I'll regret later. But those pills help with the pain but they also make my mind think all kinds of sex thoughts. Good God!

I'm not good with this hunt and peck typing, so I'm gonna take a nap now. With my luck I'll have all kinds of sex dreams and wake up with a wet dream. Geez! Nighty, night!
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