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Got a Summer Job!

YAY! I landed a summer job! Since graduating from high school, I've been applying for just about anything I could find for summer work. So, I'm gonna be a waiter! My sister knows the son of one of the owners of this upscale restaurant not too far from where I live. She put in a good word for me but there were like 10 other people applying for jobs there. So, it was definitely not a shoo-in. Plus, I have zero, zip experience in doing anything like this. I've worked in a grocery story as a bagger and stock boy and done other various types of work that didn't involve much skill.
The owner who hired me said he thought my personality (huh?) would fit right in with the atmosphere they try to create. He didn't explain any further what he actually meant, so I have no clue what part of my so-called "personality" I'm suppose to be strutting! And I was so nervous in the interview that I forgot to ask. All he said is that they expect the waiters to be, I think he said, "friendly and personable." Hmmmmm, guess my nervousness didn't come across too much if he thought I fit that expectation!

He wants me to work the lunch service for starters and would "see where we go from there." Huh, again?? I know they probably make all their big money on the dinner menu, so maybe he meant that? Then there's the problem of me not being able to serve alcohol drinks due to my age. You have to be 21 in this State, so I got a ways to go from there. I know they serve drinks in the lunch menu but I guess they'll have somebody else bring those over.

So, I'm going to be wearing one of those semi-fancy waiter costumes. Black shoes, black pants, white shirt and this little bow-tie thing! I'm hoping we can wear one of those clip-on things cause I can't even tie the knot on a regular tie! I think the evening servers wear a vest as part of their drag.

He said I would be shadowing one of the other servers for the first week and that's my probation period. After that I'm on my own!

So, I gotta do some research I guess. Maybe read one of those how-to books: 
Wish me luck! Oh, and, "May I take your order?" {said with a "friendly and personable" smile}
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