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Sad today..

I am feeling a little sad today, after that tarot card reading yesterday, and the guy saying E and I are not forever. I do love him. He is pretty special, and a really good man.  The card reader could have got that wrong, but..  sigh..  probably not..
I am not ready for more heartbreak, not now, not ever.  And I would feel it if E and I split.  I would miss him badly. He's been the most amazing lover and friend through one of the worst times of my life.

We had so much sex last weekend, 8 times, between Friday night and Monday. And twice last night.  He's amazing, he comes, gets hard again, and carries on.  I have never had a guy who is so consistently willing and able to perform like that.  And we got off to a bit of a slow start in some ways, when we first started dating, he could hardly stay up, he was so out of practice! I thought it would always be an issue, trying to keep him hard long enough. I really needn't have worried. He's super-charged.  I love it. 

I am also feeling sad about Ex. I emailed him this morning, something along the lines of "I would really like to be friends, but I feel neither of us is ready for that. Let's wait another few months and try again."

He denied saying the things my mom said he said to her, that I am apparently not as 'spiritual' as Bitch, and my being 'lost' after I walked away from him and Master, and about him not having sex with Bitch. He told my mom that, why on earth would she make that up???   What a bullshitter.  One of them is, anyway, and I don't know which one.  I strongly suspect them both.
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