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Naughty Boys & Sex After the Prom, part 2

Well, not to be outdone, Brad a a surprise or two for me. I found out quick enough that this was going to be a night of "firsts" for both of us.

What Brad didn't mention in his post yesterday is that he had decided to femme it up a bit for me. You may remember from what he wrote a while back about going to the Prom that he had put on a little eye-liner and had some light nail polish on his fingernails. What he didn't mention is that underneath his tux, he was wearing these totally sexy pink lacy panties and a pair of those sheer nylon stockings! Little did I or anyone at the Prom know, he had been wearing those the whole night. The whole time he was up front getting "roasted," the whole time we were dancing together, the whole time the Principal and other teachers were at our table meeting me, he had this whole thing going underneath his tux! Talk about "Victoria's Secret," this was Bradley's Secret. And it was all meant for me!

After I took his shoes and socks off, I noticed his feet were in this silk-looking nylon thing. Hmmmm, what have we here, I was thinking. I started pulling his pants down. Holy God! I stopped when I got his pants down about 12 inches. My mouth dropped open and I swear I stopped breathing. He had never femmed things up like this before. He looked at me with this wicked grin on his face and just said, "Breathe, Matt." I let my breath out and just slowly nodded my head at him.

I got my rhythm back and continued slipping his tux pants off. I lost my rhythm again. I couldn't stop staring at his legs. My God! He already has these perfectly shaped legs, but in those nylon stockings! I lost my breath again. I almost stopped everything at that point cause I wanted to run my hands over those legs, feel the smoothness. In a quick instant I knew if I did that, I'd cum right then and there. Without even touching myself. Was that even possible?

So, with my heartbeat going from about 80 beats a minute to what seemed like twice that, and blood rushing to my head and all those sex hormones flooding my system, I just sat back, took a little break, closed my eyes, got my breathing under control and tried to make the room stop spinning.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Brad's face with this grin on his face. Then he started licking his full lips with his tongue. All I could say was, "You are so beautiful. And you are so wickedly bad!" He opened that grin into a full smile, showing all those perfect white teeth. Then he threw down a challenge. In that sweet, low sexy way he has of talking when he's horny, he just said, "You gonna finish what you started, big boy?" I just said, "I'm gonna finish this, babe, and then start again and finish again, over and over and over all night."

After getting him completely undressed (except for the stockings and panties), I did a slow strip tease. Hmmm, what was that peeking out of those panties? I ran my hands over those sleek and silky legs for a while. I told him to put his hands behind his head. I then brought his dick out of hiding, held it with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. I just stared at how beautiful it was. Even though we had had sex before, I had never really stopped and looked and studied his hard cock before. I didn't stroke it. Just looked. I had never really seen a guy's uncircumcised cock this close up before. I moved his foreskin down a little, then took my hand away, spread his legs apart and laid between them with his cock just inches away.

I very softly started blowing a slight stream of air over his balls and dick. After about a few minutes of that, without me even touching him, and with his hands behind his head, he came like he's never cum before. All over his tummy, his chest, all the way to his face and lips. I was just watching this in total amazement. When he finished, I cleaned him up with my tongue. He later told me I had given a whole new meaning to the term "blow" job. I told him I was going to see if he could break his record of cumming 5 times in one night. He just grinned.

I had almost forgotten my surprise for him! About a week earlier I had gone to this sex shop (I guess that's what you call it, where they sell all kinds of sex toys and stuff) and this very attractive woman about my mom's age (!!) waited on me! I'll maybe write later about how totally awkward that was for me, but she turned out to be totally cool and understanding of what I wanted. I think she also sorta knew how nervous I was. I'm sure my face was 20 shades of red.

Anyway, I managed to say something lame like, "Well, uh, do you have stuff in leather?" She just said, "Of course. It's over here." Dear God, this woman reminded me so much of my mom and she was gonna help me pick out some leather stuff for my boyfriend -- or was she assuming it was for my girlfriend? Holy God, please don't let me faint right here in this sex shop! I can just see the headlines: Teenage Boy Faints in Sex Shop While His Mom Assists With Leather! Well, to make a long story short, I didn't faint but had a total hard-on while while I was picking out some leather restraints and 2 cock rings!

Well, getting back to the hotel room, I showed Brad what I had for him and explained that since he had been so much in control of everything over the past month, I wanted him to be on the other end and let me be in control tonight. All he said was, "Whatever you say," and then stretched out spread eagle over the bed while I put on these 4-point leather restraints. Later on I showed him the cock rings. After giving him a little pube haircut, I put this leather cock ring around the base of his dick. It was almost like having this stiff leather collar with these silver studs decorating it. I chuckled inside when I thought it might be funny to put a little bow-tie on it! (BTW, I still don't know how all this stuff is suppose to be used by experts in this kind of thing, but I just made it up as I went along.)

Well, we hardly got any sleep that night. I mean, seeing him face down and admiring his absolutely perfect bubble butt almost made me cum again! Spreading those tight, firm, round, and on the surface, totally smooth ass checks, I got him ready for some celebration pounding. I mean it was his Prom night, right? Dear God, listening to him moan and beg for more was almost over the top for me. He'd never begged like that before. And that ass was all mine. He moaned to me that my cock inside him was was all his! So, I guess I owned his ass and he owned my cock. Damn. It felt like I had been waiting all my life for this night, and I knew we were gonna break some records! He never asked me to stop or slow down or anything. It was such a turn-on to watch him totally trust me and enjoy letting somebody else be in control. And, dear God, who would have believed the smell of leather could be so friggin sexy! And the combination of leather and lace? Damn!

I just gotta say for the record that "booty sex" with somebody in restraints was so hot! I don't know that we're gonna get locked into having sex with these kind of toys over the long run, but, hey, they're in our "bag of tricks." It really made us want to explore other kinds of scenes. I'm totally into vanilla sex, but I wanna taste strawberry, chocolate, peach, you name it.

Oh, and also for the record, Brad did break his record of cumming more than 5 times in one night. Well, we both did! Who knew your balls could produce so much cum over such a short time period? So, yes, going back to the first sentence of this post, this was, indeed, a night of "firsts" for both of us! Now we have the "burden" of breaking more records. I think we're gonna like this!
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