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Want to know what that is?  The gift certificate Ex sent my mom for her birthday last week!

Holy cow.  Rarely did he ever give ME that much money as a gift.. Seriously. WTF?  W. T. F…  Interesting.. 
And THIS time, I am keeping quiet, not saying thank you, even though I really, really do want to, you know, that 'good girl' in me kicking in again. That was a nice gesture, whatever the motivation behind it was. My mom certainly could use that kind of shopping money to spend on herself, she was thrilled. I'm sure she said enough 'thank yous' for the both of us.

I have mixed feelings about this one. Suspicion, is that appropriate when your Ex husband gives your mom such a generous gift? Shouldn't I just be thankful?  
Anger?  He never did that for me, always made me pay my way, split everything down the middle. He didn't give me a birthday gift this year. Didn't even say thanks when I wished him a happy birthday, either.  I feel bad that all I can do is get a bit angry about this... 

I was sorely tempted to tell S, but just saved the email unsent. I want to bitch, get into that gossip-mode, but I think that's probably something I should work on, and not get into.      
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