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I need to drunk-blog more often. I am laughing at my last post. :)  

Well, life is moving on. I have pre-approval on a mortgage loan, as of last night, and a pending one from another lender, just to compare and shop, see who's best. 
I need to ask Ex for some paperwork, and I'm scared. 
I haven't heard from the attorney I contacted, I'm not sure what the deal is there. I think I want to wait, see what she suggests, before I contact him.
But it feels good.  I think this is the right thing to do, and although I'm nervous about it, it feels good, possible, and like I need to do this. Moving again, 3rd time since my marriage ended, will be a challenge, but not as much as last time when I was on crutches, FFS. If I can move house, on crutches, with minimal assistance, I can do anything.

I had a chat with E yesterday about my weight. He's determined the Atkins diet is what I need, and is giving me all this advice about how you can eat as much meat and fat as you like, and no matter what science he comes up with, that just feels WRONG to me.  I am going to do it my way. He's as stubborn as I am, but let's face it, he's 195lbs, and I am not taking diet advice from him.  ;-)  I am weighing in around 130lbs at the moment, and that is depressing the shit out of me, and none of my clothes fit me any more. I bought new pants at the weekend, and bought a size 7! Shit, fuck.  OK, so it was a store that sells stuff to skinny Asian chicks and anorexic teenagers, but even so!  I am generally used to being a 3.  I need to lose at least about 10, preferably 20.    2 days of dieting, I was 129 this morning. 

Dreamt about Ex twice recently. Last night's was interesting. From my dream diary:
Dreamt he was being deliberately unhelpful and asking me to drive him to K's, knowing I couldn't as I had no car in the dream, and getting pissy when I said no. Something about him going to a morning meeting with Master's people, and looking for an escape route through my house, as he didn't want to go to it.
I had a piece of bread and butter which for some reason I was feeling guilty about, and hiding from him.
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