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Fat Cunt

I am putting on weight. I had a chat with E about it over lunch, I had a salad, he had a burger and fries. He isn't bothered, but I am. I mean, look at this photo! My BITS are getting fat. That is massively disturbing to my sensibilities.  I have put on 12lbs since I have been dating E, less than a year.  1.2lbs a month... Jesus H. 
Sartorius, sorry, that is all the photo you're getting for a while, at least until I've shed at least 15lbs...  I want my old snatch back, I hate camel toe.  Ugh..

Wish I could keep the boobs though, they are looking splendid. Not quite as perky, but I've got one hell of a cleavage at the moment, even if I do say so myself.
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