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I don't know why I hadn't put 2 and 2 together before, I love astrology, and am always checking things out like my transits, etc. and only just today really started thinking about what Pluto transiting my 8th house is really all about. It would perfectly describe my life.  And it's been happening for the last couple of years.

Here's a link to something about the 8th house from one of my favourite astrology websites. Pluto rules the 8th house, and is associated with all these things too, so no fucking wonder my life has felt like an unending go on the fairground House of Horrors lately. Obsession, death, divorce, dissolution, loss, grief, transformation, money and power struggles. And, the good news is, that with various stations and retrogrades, it goes on until January 2016. Oh Joy! It started in January 2007.
I can't say I remember too much about that period of my life, it all seemed calm and sane enough, the only thing I really remember is that Robert Anton Wilson died, and I was really affected by his passing. A great man, a great loss.  But since then, slowly, one train-wreck after another, my life fell apart.  I lost everything and had to rebuild from the ground up, including something as basic as learning to walk again, after fucking my leg up in an accident and spending months on crutches! (That was during Saturn transiting my natal Pluto). 

It feels like a constant case of waking with the night terrors. All the worst things could happen, in the back of your mind. I was awake this morning, early, worrying about calling an attorney about getting off Ex's mortgage papers! Classic Pluto 8th house stuff, if ever there was. I was imagining injury again, sickness, death, all of the above. A classic case of The Horrors.
I'm glad I noticed what the astrological correlation is for my Terrors lately.  At least it has a face now, and a name and a 'reason', and that helps me realize I'm not going completely off the deep end.

I called an attorney on Friday, got no response yet, so I left another message at lunch time today. I am a bit annoyed that she didn't call back yet, I know, it's the July 4th weekend.. But it's Wednesday. I just hate having to do things twice that I find hard the first time.   
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