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Off on Retreat

Well, we're getting an early start this morning. The pic to the left is one I found that looks similar to the place where we're going for our Retreat to relax with ourselves and nature.

We decided to start with each of us describing our "ideal" outcome for deciding the college issue. Then we'll spend some time fine-tuning what we come up with and work from there.

We also don't want the entire day to be all about dealing with hard stuff. There's actually a stream going through the place we're going, so we'll get to play around in the water some. And there are all kinds of cool nature trails we can take for some time in the woods.

Since Brad is the cook, he's made an amazing picnic lunch for us. I don't even know the names of some of the snacks he's made, but our tummies are going to get all kinds of tasty treats.

And, of course, since we're out in nature, there's always the possibility of some fun playing around au naturel! Oh, that reminds me to pack the lube!

We've been under a lot of stress trying to come up with some kind of solution to the college thing. We're both feeling confident we'll come up with a good solution. The main thing that gives us hope is knowing that there is a solution to this whole thing. We just haven't figured it all out yet.

We've gone back over all the comments everybody left this past week, and they've actually generated some new ideas. We are so totally thankful for the support we've gotten from all of you. It's amazing how much more confident we've become knowing we have people pulling for us!

Hope everybody has a great weekend!
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