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What Brad Didn't Say...

There were two things Brad failed to mention in his post yesterday. And I think they are both worth mentioning.

The first was that he was the total center of attention at the party.

The second is that I finally got to meet his grandparents. His grandmother, "Nana," and his grandfather, "Papa," so totally adore Brad that I had a hard time taking my eyes off how they doted on him!

It was really special to me that I was invited since this was the first time I got to meet everybody. His aunt and uncle had us all out to their place and we had this huge cookout that was so spectacular. Some neighbors were also invited and I guess all told there were maybe 20 people there. They have this really nice swimming pool and the weather couldn't have been nicer.

When I told Brad I wanted to write about how he was the center of attention, he just rolled his eyes and turned five shades of red. I think the boy was so focused on being self-conscious about being almost naked in his new, sexy Speedo that he wasn't aware that people were just admiring him. I mean, it wasn't like they were lusting after him (like I was, of course), but I think it was more like they were kinda seeing him in a brand new light -- and not in a bad way. It was like they were seeing him as this really confident, handsome, sexy guy who was no longer "Little Brad," the cute teenager who never seemed, for some reason, to have a boyfriend. I kept hearing comments like, "My, my, look how you've grown up."

Well, maybe I should take back part of what I just said... the part about how they were not lusting after him. This was coming not from his family, but from some of the neighbors -- especially two sisters from next door. One was 16 and the other was 18. They initially didn't know Brad was gay, or that I was his boyfriend, so I guess they figured they would move in and get acquainted. I mean, who could blame them? Here's this totally cute and hot guy just being his charming self. How could they not notice? They said later they had thought I was a friend of his, but they definitely had their eyes on him! I was just basking in the sun, hiding behind my sunglasses, and enjoying the show! So sweet! So cute! 

They were totally embarrassed after a while to find out that I wasn't Brad's "friend," but his boyfriend. Neither of them had a problem with us being gay, but I definitely think the older girl was feeling let down (probably how I would feel if I had my eyes on Brad for the first time and then found out he already had a boyfriend).

And his grandparents! I can see now where Brad gets his charm. When I was first introduced to Nana and Papa, they welcomed me into the family and started relating to me like I was their grandson! They both insisted I call them Nana and Papa and I got immediately invited to visit them in their home in a couple of weeks. They live about an hours drive outside Boston and I've been promised (according to Papa), "the best home-cooked meal you'll ever taste!" Papa said he still believes Nana put some kind of aphrodisiac in the first meal she cooked for him because he feel immediately in love with her at that point! And Nana was laughing her head off, denying it was something she put in the food. I mean, she looked him in the eyes and said she knew it was her "sexy beauty" (totally her words!!) that did the trick! It totally blew me away! I mean, I hadn't heard grandparents talk like this... ever! It was so sweet.

As we were getting ready to leave after the fireworks, Nana told me she couldn't have picked "a more adorable boyfriend" for Brad. Nana told me that when Brad had told them he was gay about three years ago, she made him promise she would have to give her seal of approval when he got a boyfriend. They playfully scolded Brad for not bringing me immediately to them for their approval after we met over a year ago. But, Nana let him off the hook when she said something like, "Well, I guess you knew we'd approve anyway." Then I actually got my cheek playfully pinched!

What a day! What a boyfriend! What a family! I'm still floating on cloud nine!
Oh, and maybe later I'll tell about the "private fireworks" that happened that night when we got home! Two firework displays in one day?? "Whew" is all I gotta say!
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