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Text-talk Intro: Dint kno what pic I'd find & post after writing, 2day. But any local girl who knows me & wants in the next pic in a series, let me know -- you dint text me that you were stealthing my bod!  Stealth it in Bed, dammit! lol

But I always have lots to comment on. TODAY, I HAVE to mention what all the people at WH (WingHouse) were remarking yesterday about the Breaking News verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.  I was very surprised that the mgt had HLN News on half the TVs when there were no live sports games at the time. (Early to late afternoon.)

All the bartenders (female) were outraged at the verdict that Casey got OFF scot-free of Murder -- they were convinced she killed her little girl.  I told them I was also convinced but it was ALL CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE and I had been predicting a "Not Guilty" verdict ever since the Prosecution rested its case without PROVING Casey's direct link to the dead body.  They simply didn't PROVE diddly-squat except that Case was, is and always WILL be a pathological liar and a sociopathic slut!

My WH Girls, yesterday, were so vocal about it because they are opposed to killing little girls and one's own child, and thought it unconscionable for a Mother to do that. (But, there are plenty of fucked-up mothers these days and I DO mean women, in this case.)  This "modern" age with its rampant hedonism and inability to self-discipline for the greater good of anyone but oneself -- JUST SUX!  Of course, I was thinking of my ex- throughout all of this because she shared similar sociopathic (aka psychopathic) features displayed and obvious in Casey Anthony.

The point I want to make today though is much narrower and focused.  If I were still in academia as a counseling psychology PhD graduate student who finished his last semester of coursework studies, I might propose doing my dissertation research in an area other than the poetry therapy I had planned.  NBC's Today had a caller suggest that the outrage was for a small variety of reasons but the most intriguing response being made was that it was "the DARK side" making Casey do it.  I suspect that woman-caller sensed in HERSELF what was probably going on in many women I saw and heard outraged and condemning "TotMom"(so-dubbed by that asshole, diatribing rabblerouser, Nancy Grace).

Consider this:  How many of the American women, bartenders and servers yesterday who were castigating Casey Anthony for killing her own child, were also girls or women who have had or encouraged abortions themselves (killing THEIR own child.)  I know a handful of the WH Girls who have had abortions but they weren't working yesterday & I couldn't assess them on this. Castigating Casey is a way women who have killed their own baby/fetus or encouraged others to do it can unconsciously deal with the horror of what most of them know way deep down that THEY have also done. Casey IS a liar & a slut &, now, a scapegoat for many who have performed an equivalent action.

Be careful in casting the first stone, because it might bounce back and shatter your OWN glass house!  THAT's my point, Ladies!  And that Pro-choice is really Pro-abortion, pro-Murder, of someone even more defenseless than a beautiful, little toddler.
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