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End of the World

I think I want to write something about the End of the World. Not the guy with the sign around his neck, but the collapse of things as we know them to be.
The changes coming, and that have already happened.  Earthquakes, (the fracture in the phallic National Monument, how symbolic!), etc. 
It's interesting to me, as I go through my own earthquakes and floods and famines, to see that we're all in this together. I don't know how many friends and family on FB, etc, are all in some kind of life-changing event at the moment, some kind of squeeze being put on them, from inside or out.

Weather patterns so severe, all the records being broken, hottest, wettest, windiest, coldest, most rainfall, most drought, it's not going to change back.  We're stuck with different weather, different finances, different diseases, different food, different values and societies.  Who are these morons like Perry, still in denial? Not wanting to spend money on finding solutions? Denying Polar Bears still, aren't they terrified? Don't they lay awake in their beds at night? Aren't they heartbroken?  I am.

But strangely not.  Strangely calm, with some faith. Strangely, almost excited about it all.  A sense of what I've always known, finally being seen and felt by the masses.  And I'm sure I'm not alone in that. I think we ALL feel like that, underneath, don't we? 

Whether or not you 'believe' in 2012, or even, what you believe about it, it's starting to get interesting. 
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