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Our Campus Date and Weekend Plans

Well, I guess you could say it's all official now. We're both college students! Matty is a little more "official" than me since he's fully accepted as a full-time student. I'm still on "provisional admission" status, but, we're both "in" as far as we're both concerned. What a dream come true.

The class I'm taking is an intro to Sociology, and I said a while back that it was probably something I wouldn't have necessarily picked if I had a choice.  The Admissions Office said it's one of the few classes that had openings on the Freshmen level and the prof approved me, so here I am. The first class yesterday was not what I expected it to be. Lots of announcements, going over the schedule, the syllabus and all the reading we're required to do. But, he did give a short mini-lecture on what the course would be about. It actually sounded more interesting than I originally thought. Since it's the only course I'll be taking, I'm actually looking forward to it. At least it'll give me a taste of what a college-level class is all about and how it works. And, I might end up really getting into the subject.

So, Matty said yesterday that since my class didn't start until 4:00 (the same time his next class started), he had a break a little after 2:00. So, as Summer commented in yesterday's post, we had out first official "Campus Date" from 2:30 to a little before 4:00.

We had agreed to meet at a certain location and when we both saw each other, I'm not being dramatic when I say we both popped a HUGE smile on our faces as we were walking toward each other. I swear I wanted to run in his arms and starting kissing him all over. But, we didn't see much of that going on and we're able to restrain ourselves LOL.  

After hugging, we went to one of the campus snack bars, or more like a little cafe.  It was so much fun to sit across from him and just take the whole thing in. Matty kept saying, "Can you believe we're actually here?"

After we had a coffee and a snack, we went for a walk. We didn't want to get lost, so we just walked in the general area we were in. I gotta tell you that campus is like a little city. It's going to take a while to get totally familiar with the place, but it really was like stepping into another world. The rain had stopped for the day so we just walked around and found some benches to sit down. It's like we were in some kind of daze or something. 

Matty was so excited to tell me about his classes and then he went into seeing how I was feeling about going to my class. It felt so good that he had been through "first classes" all this week and knew what he was talking about. It really helped calm my nerves. And it felt so special that he was taking care of me.

Well, when we finished classes we decided to head over to his house for a while. I figured if we went to his house, I'd be able to leave after a while and he'd be there to do any readings he had to do. Plus he has one class this morning, so he needed his beauty sleep. I didn't want to stay the night since I knew there'd be no studying going on. I mean, we have to balance our sexual needs with our responsibilities as scholars, right? LOL. But you can be sure there's going to be some "make up" time this weekend. Don't you doubt that for a minute! We're going to have a lot of making up to do! What's that expression, "All work and no play makes (...something, something ?) a dull boy."

So, he has one class today and then he's going to go check out some of the libraries. This campus city has what looks like one main library and then there's some smaller ones scattered over campus. Then tonight we're definitely going out to eat and I'm picking out a movie to watch afterwards and we're gonna be all snugly. I'm going to spend the night and at least get some kind of start of all that "make up" work we have to do!

So, you may remember the other big thing happening is that we have T-minus three weeks to get ready to move in together! Since I have tons more time than Matty, I'm going to be in charge of organizing all that. I think I've got all the utilities set up, but we have to get some packing done and make arrangements to get help moving all our stuff. Well, what you would call our "worldly possessions" is everything that fits in both our bedrooms! Both our parents have offered to contribute various pieces of furniture until we can decide what we want to get on our own.

One piece of furniture we're going to buy together is the bed! A brand new bed. We're still trying to decide whether to get a king or queen size. The Master Bedroom (mmmmm, I like the sound of that, hehe!) is big enough for a king size, and we're both leaning toward that. Then we're going shopping for the sheets, blankets, pillows, spread, the whole nine yards! One thing I've insisted on is the bedroom (the Master bedroom) will have only furniture we're bought. The rest of the house can just be satisfied with temporary loaned or donated things. But the bedroom?...... It's gonna be exactly what we want, ready and waiting for us! God, this is so much fun!

So, we both want to thank all of you for giving us all your support and encouragement. It's really meant more than you can know. We love you guys so much!
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