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The Joy (we think) of Living Together

OK, this is our last post before we move. I just wanted to bring Adara's comment from Monday over to this post. She just put it up a short while ago, so some of you may have missed it. Matty and I had a real laugh. Hope you enjoy.

Do you have any short funny scenarios you want to share?

We'll see you Monday!


Adara said...

It'll be lots of fun in a new home right up until:

M: "The lawn needs mowing."
B: "I did the gutters. You do the lawn."
M: "I just did the porch rails. You do the lawn."
B: "I did the laundry."
M: "I did the dishes."
B: "I did the vacuuming."
M: "I did the dusting."
B: "I did the toilets."
M: "I have to read for class tomorrow. You do the lawn."
B: "Dammit, I always lose!"

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