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So, remember that small ritual I did a month ago?


I had what I consider, rightly or wrongly, I don't know, to be a result of some sort.  I had asked originally for a result by the Full Moon, 2 weeks later, but this happened smack on the New Moon, a month later, which I consider to be strange enough to make a comment. I got exactly what I asked for this time. A sighting of Ex, just him. That was all I wanted. Some sign that our souls were somehow still talking, even if our regular worldly selves are not.  I thought that was reasonable.
Anyway, what happened. There was really bad traffic the other night on my drive home. I was delayed by about 1/2 hour from my normal commute. When I drove past Ex's office, (which is the only route I can take, unfortunately), don't ask what, but something inspired me to go touch his car.  It was parked in the lot, right below his office window, so I stopped, jumped out really quick, and ran over and touched the door of his car. I felt a little silly, and a little scared in case he saw me. I jumped back in mine, and right as traffic let me back in and I was pulling out, he came out of the side door of his office building, and got in his car! He didn't see me. What are the odds..  Ok they're not astronomically small, but still, it was nice.
I was laughing at myself, I felt really kind of stupid in a way, but I just needed some physical contact of some kind with him. Hard to explain.. 
And all that on the last day of S's visit here too. I had a weird moment, when I had lunch with S and E, (they got on pretty well!), and then that same evening, saw Ex, when I hadn't seen him for months.  Strange. I felt my universes collapsing, or something like that...  One of those ODD moments in life, you know? 

S, it was a nice visit. We only had sex once, that first night. I think my guilt got in the way of more. That, and his own demons, he has some 'stuff' going on at the moment in his life, we sat and talked a lot, it was great. I enjoyed his visit, and he left me the sweetest note, I found it when I got home from work, after he'd left.

News on the condo.  The seller's bank wants an absurd amount of money, and my real estate agent thinks it's absurd too.  I am waiting on the appraisal value, and have to make a counter offer before Monday. I am meeting with my real estate person tonight. Scary. It's been 7 weeks now, since I put in my original offer. They want 35k more than that! WTF?
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