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Matt & Brad as Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf

We're going to a Halloween Party this weekend and decided to go as two characters we sometimes pretend to be when we're feeling frisky and want go from vanilla sex to something more, well, imaginative or kinky.

Guess who's going as the Big Bad Wolf? It's a role just made for me (Matty)! 

The version of the story we found is pretty cool. Remember those lines in the fairy tale (see, it really is about being gay after all!) where the Big Bad Wolf gets to the grandmother's house and swallows her whole? I swear that's what the version we found says! 

Well, think about that line a minute! The Wolf swallows whole!! Just stop and think about that, will you?

Now come on, what does that remind you of, huh? I've gotten pretty good at the whole "swallowing whole" thing, just ask Brad! "Yummy, yummy, yummy," The Big Bad Wolf Says!

Then Little Red Riding Hood gets to her grandmother's house and sees what she thinks is her grandmother in bed, but is really the Big Bad Wolf. Now, who do we all know who would look so cute and sexy as Little Riding Hood? 

That's right. Brad. And just get a close look at that corset thing in that pic ------------------------------------>

In the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood  arrives and notices that her grandmother looks very strange. Little Red Riding Hood then says, "What big hands you have!" She then says,  "My, what big teeth you have!" to which the wolf replies, "The better to eat you with" and swallows her whole, too. 

Okay, did you get that? "Swallows her whole"! Think about that. And just imagine what might be happening as the Wolf struggles to get that corset thing untied. What might possibly be making it "hard" for him to get his fingers working right to untie that damn thing? Huh?  And what kind of position is Little Red Riding Hood in while the Wolf is trying to get things untied, huh?

But, eventually, the central question is, "Will Little Red Riding Hood tame that Big Bad Wolf? Or will the Big Bad Wolf get that corset untied and start on his swallowing thing?"
So, now it's your turn! What are you doing on Halloween? Huh?

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