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Virgin Hero Week, Matty's 'Virginity' and a Contest

Click here to go there: Joyfully Jay.
One of the things we like to do when we can grab a little time is go through the "Followers" of our blog and see which people are attached to a blog they write. It's always fun to see what kind of things other people are doing out there in the blogosphere.

We first met the writer of the blog we're featuring today over at Goodreads and found out she keeps a blog where she reviews romance novels, "...along with all the other random thoughts spinning around in my head."

So we both did a double-take last week when we saw she was going to have this thing called "Virgin Hero Week."

"Virgin Hero Week"???? That's a new on for us! Never heard of books that feature a character who is a virgin. But, it certainly got our attention for some reason.

Then, get this, she said virgin hero stories are, ..."one of my all time favorite romance tropes!" Well... to be honest we were going to send her an email to let her know she misspelled "troops." We thought she meant to say she liked romance stories about virgin military troops.

So we had this image of stories about some Special Force military troop where all these hot, rugged virgin military men were loosing their virginity to each other when they were not on the battlefield! Seriously, that's what we thought!

Then Brad, being the ever practical one, decided to do a search on "trope" and discovered that it just meant, "... a common pattern, theme or motif in literature." Well, there went our original fantasy out the door! (But we will want to see "Virgin Special Force Military Men" as a trope! Some author(s) better get to work on that. We think there's a market for it, okay?)

Anyway, if you have any kind of interest in virgin heroes as characters in romance novels, you might want to head over to her blog to see what she's reviewing for the next 5 days. Here's the link: Joyfully Jay.

So, in addition to hopefully introducing more of our readers to Joyfully Jay's Blog, we also want to announce a "contest." And, as a side note, this "contest" involves Matty's so-called Virginity (or lack thereof), so read on:

Once Joyfully Jay ends her week of reviewing Virgin Heroes (which is November 5), we will be offering a prize to one lucky follower of her blog, as well as a treat for our readers. Here's how it works:

On November 6, if the "Followers" at Joyfully Jay's site are between 50-60, one of her followers will receive a gift of one book she reviews during the week.

If, on November 6, the number of "Followers" at her site are between 61 and 75, one of her followers will receive a gift of any 2 books she reviewed during the week.

If, on November 6, the number of "Followers" at her site is at least 76 (plus), one of her followers will receive a gift of any 3 books she reviewed during the week. And, Matty will write something on our blog about his own "deflowering."  

To be eligible, you have to be an official "Follower" of Joyfully Jay's site. If you're already a Follower, you're already eligible. Any "Follower" of Joyfully Jay is eligible. You do not have to be a "Follower" at this blog (even though that would be nice, it's just not a requirement). This contest is being sponsored solely by this blog and gifts are made by us.

So, in addition to having some fun reading about Virgin Heroes and possibily being eligible to receive a book, or books, we're still waiting for some stories about Special Force military men who are loosing their virginity with each other! Please?
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