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A Thanksgiving Update

Ha, Ha, Ha!! Matty found this pic somewhere and said that's how he wants me when I'm doing my Thanksgiving baking!

There's even a mixer in the background, which I don't have (hint, hint, Matty).

So, in spite of the fact that I do not look like that blond hottie, I try and have his smile when the Dessert Sneak (aka Matty) tries to sample everything that comes out of the oven. He really is like this little kid when he tries to distract me so he can lick the icing from the bowl or sneak some cookies.

He must have lots of experience from when his mom would bake because he's really a pro at it. How can I be mad or irritated when he's got a little icing on his lips and pretends he's all innocent? Plus, when he leans over to kiss me, I get to taste his lips and some icing! LOL.

Like I mentioned in Saturday's post, I did all kinds of baking, but mainly concentrated on pumpkin pies and cookies. Our next door neighbors (this young married couple) invited us over later that evening and I brought two pies I made to share with them. Matty says when the wife and I get together it's like we're long-lost girlfriends! She's really nice and likes to cook also so we spent time together in her kitchen and I helped her with some things she's making for their Thanksgiving dinner. And, boy, does she love to talk! And gossip! She's a lot of fun, but I need to watch what I say unless I want our business broadcast to the neighborhood!

Matty has always liked talking to the husband ever since we moved in here. He's one of the guys Matty goes running with in the evenings and the weekends. While we were visiting on Saturday night, he took Matty outside to this small shed where he has this whole woodcarving workshop and showed him all the stuff he's carved. Well, Matty is always in heaven when it comes to building or making things with his hands. 

The guy spent some time showing Matty how to use the woodcarving tools (oh, no... sharp objects in Matty's hands can be dangerous). Thankfully, the guy insists on wearing this special glove on the hand that's holding the wood in case the sharp tool slips!

Well, now Matty's hooked on woodcarving. The neighbor has been showing him how to make these wood snowmen (similar to the ones in the pic to the left) as a beginner's project. He's almost finished with one and he's actually pretty good.

So, maybe if I get my mixer for Christmas, Matty might get a woodcarving kit (hint, hint!).

When we got home that night I was so unfairly accused of having "spiked" the pumpkin pies with some kind of ingredient that makes you more horny than usual. He asked if cinnamon or cloves were considered an aphrodisiac! Well, you know where this is headed, right? We had a very nice evening, thank you very much! And for the record, with Matty anything and everything could probably be classified as an aphrodisiac. And, no, I did not spike the pies with anything that makes you have a higher sex drive! LOL.

The next morning, Snowman Boy got out of bed really early without waking me up. When I started smelling coffee aroma I jumped out of bed faster than I ever have knowing he was probably doing something in the kitchen (aka "Off Limits" to him. He refers to it as my Holy Space!). 

He had this huge grin on his face when I saw he had made breakfast for the two of us. Well, after quickly taking a glance at the stove to see if anything was still on, he said, "Good morning. I didn't use the stove." He had bought some of those frozen waffles and a box of frozen sausage links you just zap in the microwave, so the house was safe from burning down! And we had orange juice, coffee and some fresh fruit, all sweetly laid out. So, so adorable that he did that.

Anyway, I'm busy today continuing to make more pies and other dessert goodies for Thursday. Matty's out on a long run with some of the neighbors and he's been invited next door this afternoon to finish his snowmen. I think I could get use to being a housewife if I didn't have to work or start school in January. Now I just have to find some places to hide those pies and cookies so we'll have something to take to our families on Thanksgiving!
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