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Had an interesting chat with S the other night about the state of things in Master's house. They're not good. Bitch is avoiding him, and playing really aggressive games with the other women in the house. Ha.  Well, we saw that one coming. I am not in the least bit surprised. 
She is getting clingy and angry with Ex, and he sure as shit hates that stuff. Drives him nuts. I never did it. I did my best to never go there. She isn't, she's losing it.  Bubye, bitch!  I give you until February at most.. 
D, Master's old friend, said something interesting about it last night. Why do women get clingy and bitchy? Because they're not getting laid enough.  True dat.  Grin...
Oh, I hope to see it all fall apart over there, I really do.

I feel evil, saying that, but you know, fuck 'em. That's Master's policy. People fuck up, fuck 'em, that's their responsibility. That was his attitude with me, he left me to it, when I needed help the most. He is not cut out to be a 'Guru'.  He can't handle people when the shit really hits the fan. He cuts them off. Man, I hope he cuts that saggy-titted little bitch off. She's so codependent, she would drown.  
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