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Who the fuck is Bradley Cooper, and why the fuck has he been voted 'sexiest man alive'?  I can't answer either of those questions.  He looks like a smug asshole, which is not sexy in the least.

I spent 3 hours on the phone last night, with a distraught S, it was sad.  The Cosmic Joker is moving her office in 2 months, to the same building as the woman her bf of 5 months, has been dating behind her back. Go figure. Oh, beautiful Irony. Do some good for a change, will ya?

Thankfully I didn't have any dreams about Ex last night.  And playing Samaritan to S took my mind off my own shit.

My annoying coworker, who continually grazes on crunchy granola ALL. FUCKING. DAY., is moving to the floor below. There is a God, it seems.   

Been doing more thinking about why I can't call or text Ex, and why I have been sneaking around doing bizarre and mentally disturbed things in parking lots in the dark.  If that doesn't work, (and it probably won't,) it's not a direct rejection, is it?  I guess it doesn't take Einstein to figure that out. 

Mars trine Jupiter today.  I should be hearing soon about approval for my loan on the condo.
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