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I did it..

I did it!   I left a stem of pink roses with 2 flowers on, tucked under Ex's windscreen wipers. I felt pretty fucking stupid, and was shaking like a leaf afterwards, standing there under his office window, scared he'd see me.  At least it's darker now the clocks have changed. I am laughing at myself.
I realize I left it on the passenger side, stupidly. I hope he even saw it, and it didn't fly off on the highway somewhere on his way home, unseen. 

I got home, and looked up his current astrology transits, and right when I did it, the moon was conjunct his natal Sun and Mercury conjunction, and also conjunct my Mars.  Ha.  I had no idea. I was planning on doing it Thursday, but didn't want to wait and risk not being able to for some unforeseen reason.  That means he will probably at least get the message..  Trouble is, I don't really know myself what the message even is.  But it was one of those crazy things I just 'had' to do. The Devil made me do it.  I also realize that the Full Moon is on Thursday, and I will be better off having done it before the Full Moon, not afterwards. Anything done after the Full Moon is in the 'banishing' phase. Not my intent! So I guess my unwitting timing was perfect. I always think these crazy impulsive things are driven by a part of us that already knows this stuff somehow, even if it's not conscious in our minds. 
 There is also a Mercury Venus conjunction at the moment, which is great for delivering messages of love. That's in his 5th house of love and romance.

I was reading up on the asteroid Vesta yesterday. She's currently sitting on my Sun, and his south node in his 7th house of marriage. She's about what needs nurturing and tending to.  Keeping the home fires burning. Literally.   I am starting to get fascinated by these asteroids!!  Very interesting.

Pluto is also transiting his Part of Fortune right now too, also in his 5th house. Pluto is the inescapable unavoidable force of change, a cosmic steamroller, and the Part of Fortune is a point in the chart that governs the strange twists and turns of our Fortunes.  My own is conjunct my Sun, so I also have Vesta transiting it.

Neptune turns direct today, in his 7th relationship house, too. 

I could be full of shit here, and it might not even apply to me, but the astrology is fascinating.. Perhaps I am just reading into all this what I want to. I don't know. And I'm probably more than a little obsessive. But at least I'm learning some interesting astrology. 

Had dinner with S last night. Didn't tell her of course. But I did tell her it would have been our wedding anniversary on Friday.  She cheered me up, we laughed a lot and drank wine and ate chocolate cake. A good remedy for the blues.

I woke up an hour early, my body clock still not adjusted to the clock change, and spent a long while sending Reiki to him, those roses, and the moment he found them.
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