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Pushing Tin

Just had an all-too brief phone call from my astrology mentor.  All he had to say about this was "This eclipse rules Leo".  And that it is occurring in "the most insane part of the Sagittarius spectrum", in my 7th house of relationships.
Where do I go with that? Ex is a Leo Ascendant. I think that left me with more to ponder than it cleared up. 
He also said that for me, it will be a look at my "theory of mind", and why I think the way I do. He said to look for the common parameters of what is going on all around me at the moment. (!!!) A clean-up operation after all these damn Saturn transits I've been having the last few years that have left a trail of devastation in their wake. Saturn conjunct my Pluto, Uranus, Moon, opposite my Mars, etc.  

Ever the cryptic tease..  I am actually looking forward to the Dec 10th strangeness now, please remind me I said that, when the dust eventually settles, won't you?  I am picturing the guy (Billy Bob Thornton) in the movie Pushing Tin, in the turbulence from the plane taking off. Great movie.
Reading the plot line on IMDB, I am also laughing that I chose that image!  Interesting.. I had forgotten the storyline, and only really consciously remembered the last scene.
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