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Why keep a dog, and bark yourself?

Just got a very interesting message on Facebook from Ex's old college buddy.  He wrote me recently, he's planning on coming to town soon, and wanted to see me. I wrote back, and said sorry that I wasn't around last time, I was still in too much pain after the divorce, and that I still missed Ex a lot, and yes I'd love to see him this time.
He wrote today, and said that funnily enough, Ex called him last night, and he wants me to call him.  He misses me.
Well, fuck me. Dump that foul, skanky, pox-encrusted, herpes infested, ugly, narrow eyed, smug yoga-posing, scrawny slut of an excuse for girlfriend then.  (Not going to happen, is it?)

That cheered me up no end though.  I feel like that's the 'result' of my ritual a while back.  Or, could be coincidence. Either way, it's a win.

I wrote back and said essentially, though more tactfully, that after all Ex put me through, he would have to make the first move.
Why keep a dog, and bark yourself. His buddy's a sweety, and also somewhat predictable. ;-)   Feeling smart and self-satisfied this afternoon, that I got a good result.

The word 'forgiveness' has been bouncing around in my brain lately but I think I'm still a ways off that yet.
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