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So, I have been thinking up a letter to write to Ex, anonymously. S mentioned the word 'rage' as being something bitch wrote about to the group. So specific, how could I know? Will that throw him off my scent a little, make him wonder? Something simple and non-traceable and subtle, a little cryptic, and designed to get him to think a little.  I was thinking about some old Rumi quote or something, but that would lead to me, we both really loved Rumi, so then I came up with this, (whittled down from at least 30 pages):

"Love doesn't come with rage attached.

Finding yourself to be Love, there is the freedom to walk away from rage, in order to find where the Heart has lain, Silently waiting all this while for Her Lover to return."

Don't you just love Jonathan Cainer?  Today's scope.. I am a little wary about knowing what I don't know though, just in case it's something I don't want to know. He's right, I can't say nothing. I have said nothing to him for the last year now. It's been impossibly hard to do.

"You probably need to talk to you-know-who about you-know-what. It is important. You cannot just pretend that you do not know who - or what! And don't worry - you-know-who knows much more about you-know- what than you know that they know. If you tell what you know to you- know-who, you-know-who will then know what you need to know - which in turn will enable you to know what you don't know. Mercury is stationary. Communications seem to be getting complicated. But try saying nothing. Then you really will get into a mess."

Well, fuck it. What have I got to lose that I haven't already lost? Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, and what better time to connect with an Ex-lover? Things from your past can be reconnected with during this next few weeks. I feel a bit like Mickey Mouse at the moment, playing with the buckets and mops.
My only concern is that it's a year exactly since he sent me 'that' email, that might be a little too unsubtle, even for his brain not to miss.    
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